Autumn Pumpkin Porridge

Whilst I’m faithfully a summer girl, I must admit I do quite like Autumn. Not having to shave your legs and getting to hide in jeans & jumpers is a definite benefit (plus I’m a sucker for a coat). I also love that Autumn brings with it delicious comfort food- I like to swap my smoothies for porridge, my salads for soups and start to cook gorgeous batches of curries and stews for the evenings, cozied up inside.

One of my  favourite Autumn ingredients has to be PUMPKIN. I think eating pumpkin used to be primarily reserved for our American friends, but over the past few years I’ve seen pumpkin rise in popularity over here too and boy am I happy about it. Not only is pumpkin good for you (it’s full of Vitamin C, fibre & potassium) but I find delicious, both in sweet and savoury form. One of my favourite recipes is this porridge- it’s a great way to add some goodness to your breakfast and it’s guaranteed to keep you full until lunch.

Pumpkin Porridge


50g Oats

50g Pumpkin Purée (you can buy it in tins- make sure it is unsweetened)

Sprinkle vanilla powder

Half banana (mushed)

300ml coconut milk

Half teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 Lime

Optional: tbsp Almond Butter


Simply combine all the ingredients (except the lime) and cook in the microwave for three minutes (you can also cook on the stove in a pan).

Once cooked, squeeze with fresh lime & enjoy.

I also like to swirl some almond butter on top to make it extra indulgent!


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