New Year Fitness: The Best ClassPass Classes in London

Getting fit back on the list of New Years Resolutions? Given up already? Sometimes there is just no motivating us to get through those gym doors… especially when we know exactly what we have in store…But gone is the excuse of ‘gym bordem’ thanks to ClassPass.

Because now there is no need to go exclusive with your gym- instead you can chop, change and flirt with which classes you like best.

The only problem? There’s so much choice you might not know where to start.

Which is why I rounded up the best classes going in London to get you reinspired and remotivated to hit those fitness targets.

Core Collective

Part cafe hangout spot and part amazing gym, Core Collective has it all. There’s a number of classes on offer including Power Yoga and TRX. My favourite is circuits- the constant variation distracts you from just how hard you’re working out (the banging playlist and awesome trainers help too…)!

Core Collective, London

Core Collective, London

1 Rebel

1Rebel, London

1Rebel, London

The Self Proclaimed King of Gyms- with good reason. From the part anger management, part night club, part boxing ring Rumble class, to the sweat melting ReShape, 1Rebel provides some seriously cool (and sweaty) classes.

1Rebel, London, Rumble

1Rebel, London

And if that wasn’t enough you can finish your class with chilled towels that come in a fridge cooler than your one at home. I’m sold…

1Rebel, London

1Rebel, London

Find 1Rebel in the City @ Broadgate & St Marys Axe. More info:

Boom Cycle

Boomcycle, London

Boomcycle, London

The rooms are small and dark, but the energy is huge. Less of a spin class and more of an immersive experience, you’d walk out feeling invincible… if it wasn’t for the shaking legs.

For more info on BoomCycle head over to


ONE LDN, London

ONE LDN, London

Don’t be fooled by ONE LDNs location- this is a serious oasis from the city. Sweaty yoga gets a make over here, set to a soundtrack more Chris Brown than Chanting, this is a great way to forget work whilst working it out.

ONE LDN is in Imperial Wharf and Tower Hill. More info:

Groove Cycle

A personal favourite of mine, this class made me change the way I saw spin. Gone was the punishment, in was grooving it out. You’ll be so busy trying to get those moves like Beyonce, you’ll forget you’ve lost the ability to breathe and you’re sweating like there’s no tomorrow. A seriously fun work out that feels good.

Groove Cycle is available in London Bridge and Farringdon. To get your groove on head over to

Bootcamp Pilates

One of the best things about ClassPass is trying new things, and if it wasn’t for them my eyes would never have been opened to the world of Reformer Pilates. Proof that lying on your back can be hard work, get ready to experience burns in muscles you never even knew you had. Also expect them to look longer and leaner as a reward. Totally worth the burning…

Bootcamp Pilates, London

Bootcamp Pilates, London

Bootcamp Pilates has multiple locations across London, for more info check their website:

The Refinery

As you might have guess from my post on my favourite yoga classes in London  I’m a huge fan of this place. Full of variety, incredible teachers and totally approachable this place has all sorts for every kind of yoga buff. It opened my eyes to Kundalini Yoga and changed the way I saw yoga (despite practising for over 14 years). A total haven.

The Refinery, Hackney

The Refinery, Hackney

Find The Refinery in E9. More details here:

Head over to ClassPass to experience these classes (and more!):


  1. February 21, 2018 / 8:43 am

    They all sounds so inspiring and calling out to me!! 🙂 Great article and good to know there are so many class passes available without needing to join the gym.

    J xx

  2. January 24, 2019 / 11:19 am

    Super useful! Thank you! Can’t wait to attend some.

    • Alexandria Maria
      January 25, 2019 / 10:04 am

      So glad it helped 🙂

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