Esquared: New Year Fitness Goals

I recently embarked on my fitness journey, with the help of a snazzy new app called Esquared.

Growing up I was convinced I would always hate exercise. PE was a thing of nightmares in school due to a total lack of hand eye co-ordination. My PE teachers put this down to lack of effort and enthusiasm. I can tell you now- no amount of effort was going to make that ball go where I wanted it to go and your enthusiasm starts to wane on your 1000th attempt.


It wasn’t until I started to do yoga (which then eventually eased me into going to other classes), that I realised I had no issues with the exercise itself- just the cold wet muddy fields and forced group sports part. As a consequence the gym became part of my weekly routine and stayed there.

Until the latter part of last year that is. Illness combined with a 24/7 work load found me skipping the gym and feeling horrendous as a result. Not only did I physically feel like a sack of potatoes… my anxiety rocketed.


So with the start of 2018 I made a vow to not give up me time in the gym, no matter how busy things got. And I found the perfect app to help me keep those goals- Esquared. Esquared allows you to find premium two-hour gym sessions and one-off classes in realtime. Whether you fancy doing your own thing, or a bit of instruction, there is something for everyone.


One of my new favourites… Spin @ Digme

So why am I so obssessed with the new fitness app?

No commitments

So often I think I have a clear day so book a class,  only to last minute end up having a meeting, meaning I’m left with a cancellation charge and no gym time. Or maybe you’re bored of signing up to an expensive gym membership only to find you never go. With Esquared there is no commitment necessary. Simply book and pay for the class or gym time you want, as and when you want. It’s totally flexible, to fit around your schedule.

Invite friends

Struggling to get motivated and need your gym buddy to spur you on? In a few clicks you can invite your friend and schedule those work out together.


Pick what you feel like on the day

Maybe Monday’s are for Insanity classes at Soho Gyms, but Fridays call for hungover swims. You can easily filter on the app, not only by location, but by what type of class you’re looking for so you can pick the session that suits you best.


Access to those amazing gyms you always wanted to go to

I’ve followed F45 on Instagram for ages, and now I finally got to try out their killer work outs due to Esquared. My other favourite is spin at Digme fitness. When you’ve finished rate your session to help others find the best classes around. Plus there is PLENTY to choose from…!


Fancy trying it out? Esqaured have kindly offered 15% off with the code BELONDONED15. No more excuses from me… time to get moving.

Find out more about Esqaured here:

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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