Why you should Air BnB your house…

You may have toyed with the idea, or just never even wanted to begin to consider it, but there in no denying that Air BnB is growing and with it, the amount of people listing their property. Group holidays and city breaks no longer call for a trawl for an affordable hotel that isn’t a total dive and instead people are going as far as creating Air BnB bucket lists.


I recently made a rather larger decision to quit my job. In order to still be able to afford to travel I listed our property- and learnt a lot very quickly. Having initially been a sceptic, I’m now a total convert.

So why should you Air BnB your home?

  1. It helps pay for your holiday

Okay, so unless you’re Air BnBing a total mansion, it isn’t going to pay for you to sip champagne and live off lobster in a 5 star resort.

Brunch Dubai Bubbalicious

But Air BnBing your home will contribute to making that dream trip a little bit more realistic. I recently worked out it was cheaper for us to be living in Bali and Air BnBing the flat, because it would cover all the costs for our accommodation and food.

I know where I would rather be…

2. You can have a host do all the hard work for you

Once we’d decided to Air BnB the flat, I suddenly realised that we would only be able to take one booking whilst we were on holiday. And then someone mentioned getting a host..

For a % of your nightly rate (and the cleaning fee), someone will answer all messages, greet your guests, be on call for any mishaps and get the flat cleaned once you’re done.



So all you literally have to do is sit back and watch the money come in.

3. Air BnB covers you for damage

You can set a security deposit of around £100 for the small stuff, but anything big is covered by Air BnB.


That means you can sip that cocktail in the sun knowing that if anything does goes wrong, Air BnB has your back.

4. It works around your schedule

Just click the dates you’re property is available and it’s as simple as that. No having to kip on a couch cause you’ve had to Air BnB your home.


5. You can say no to guests

As well as having different levels of verification in place, you can ultimately reject a guest. Got a bad gut feeling? Say no and move on…

6. Peak time = peak prices

Just the same way you’re paying double to enjoy that half term break/new year getaway, prices hike up at peak time.


By all means be the better person and don’t up your prices.

But just know that everyone else will be.

7. It’s easy

It really does just take a few clicks of a button, with a few phone photos to list your property.


I’ve even written a handy list of top tips (you’re welcome…)

Any other questions feel free to contact me!

Convinced? Start hosting (and earning) now: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/r/adavies182?s=8&i=

Taking your first Air BnB trip? Here’s £30 credit: www.airbnb.co.uk/c/adavies182


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