New York in London- Bagels at Zobler’s Deli @ The Ned

So we get it. The Ned is one of the coolest new member’s clubs in London, home to expensive cocktails and superfoods only right?


Because while they may be home to the tastiest and most Instagramable Poke bowls, they are also home to the tastiest bagels and club sandwiches, just ready to crush down that carb craving hangover.

Zobler’s is a New York style deli and the menu stays true to this offering- with Pastrami, Corned Beef and Smoked Salmon being it’s key offerings.

But with a self confessed obsession with Bagels, it’s these bad boys that steal the show for me. My favourite? The simple Avocado Bagel, with lemon, red onion, radishes & buttermilk dressing on poppy seed bagel. Looks pretty, tastes amazing, and sets you back a (all things considered) reasonable £6. I’ll take that over Pret….

Zobler’s Deli does what it says on the tin. It just so happens that tin happens to be set within The Ned….

For more information on Zobler’s Deli, visit their website here:

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