Vegan Fried Chicken Hackney

Vegan KFC?!- Temple of Hackney 

It makes no sense at all.

Because, no matter how clever people get with food, a chicken is just never going to be Vegan.

But that’s why the clever people at Temple of Hackney (previously Temple of Seitan, which I think is really funny, but the locals didn’t…), have created versions of you’re favourite fried chicken for vegans- replacing the meat with Seitan (or if you’re gluten free, soy).

I was intrigued…

So first off- a disclaimer. While the fried chicken may well be Vegan, we ain’t talking green juices and clean eating. The menu boasts Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Buffalo Wings, Chicken burgers and wraps, swished down with a Karma Cola or Lemony Lemonade (although these are fair-trade & mainly organic- of course).

Order placed, I sat waiting on one of the tables outside and watched the queue grow. It was a not particularly sunny Tuesday evening, and yet people were still clearly flocking to get their fix of Seitan.

And I now know why.

For while this isn’t chicken, it certainly tastes pretty damn close to it. And when you combine that with the amazing sauces, tasty batter and some of the best fries I’ve had, Temple of Seitan Hackney deserves all the praise it gets.

I’m a convert.

I just now need them to open at 2am on my way home…..

Find out more about Temple of Hackney (which is, you guessed it- in Hackney) on their Facebook page:


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