Naked Cookie Dough London

Naked Dough: Cookie Dough, Old Street

I’ll hold my hands up- I was always the culprit when you went to get a scoop of Cookie Dough ice-cream and discovered plenty of ice-cream, but zero cookie dough. I spent years digging through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to get to ‘all the good bits’, only to be left with a load of hacked up vanilla ice-cream.

Well those days are long gone, because two utter geniuses (Hannah & Jan), have created a raw cookie dough bar… & it’s currently in Old Street station, changing people’s lives one cookie dough ball scoop at a time.

You can have your dough three ways- in a tub, in a cone or in a shake, but either way it’s totally naked. Flavours include:

  • Emoji Poos (your classic choc chip cookie dough)
  • Unicorn  Food (sprinkles & marshmallows)
  • Nuttin’ Better! (peanut butter & peanut nibs)
  • Ed Sheeran (salted caramel & honeycomb)
  • Mud Bath (chocolate dough & chocolate chips)
  • Hazel’s Nuts: (nutella & kinder bueno)

You can only imagine the delight on my face when I discovered that for the very reasonable £3.50 you got 2 scoops of different flavours. For the Peanut Butter fans, Nuttin’ Better tasted like heaven. If anyone ever asks me what my last meal on earth would be, it would be making an appearance at desert….it really is that good.

And no need to get freaked out about raw egg or funny flour- the dough is egg free, the flour heat treated and you can store it in your fridge for a few weeks when you (inevitably) can’t finish the pot.

I’ll warn you now- you’ll feel ever so slightly sick when you leave. But come the next day you’ll be digging that tub right back out of the fridge and wondering when you can visit again.

Let’s Get Naked….. @ Old Street Station. Website:


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