How to live the Covfefe way…

From the Media to Mexico, Trump has thrown his fair share of hatred around. But never fear, Trump has found the Covfefe way… and I’m here to share with you the teachings from the movement that showed Trump the light.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.41.09 pm

How to live the Covfefe way

Rule number 1: Good Vibes Only

Life is full of Debbie Downers and Nay sayers, but all that negativity is bad for the soul. So instead of getting dragged into it, or letting it suppress your spirit, shrug it off. A bit like Hakuna Mata, take a deep breathe, say “Covfefe” and let that shit go…

If it can work for Trump in response to negative press, it can work for you.

Rule number 2: Unity over segregation

One of the beautiful things about the Covfefe movement is that Covfefe is a word that works in any language, with no translation. There are rumours it stemmed from the ancient Russian tongue, but it has now become a symbol of unity across the world. Some may laugh, some may mock, but they all understand Covfefe.

In the words of Ruby Rose:

It’s happened! has united everyone from all across the world. To laugh and live as one..

Rule number 3: Spread the word

With 31.2m followers, Trump is arguably one of the biggest advocates of the Covfefe movement to spread the word so far. Unlike Kabbalah, it requires no red strings. Unlike Scientology, there are no instruments required. Modern day Covfefe embraces social media. So tweet, share, like and love away…. #Covfefe

Rule number 4: There are no rules

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.53.05 pm

While some movements dictate how their followers should live and what they should believe, Covfefe embraces the true freedom of the human spirit by remaining open to interpretation. But while your searching for that deeper meaning? Well, Covfefe and Enjoy!


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