Zero Gravity Dubai

Zero Gravity Dubai 



The day after brunch there was only one choice.

Sweat it out.

And then start drinking again.

(By sweat it out I mean lie on the beach drinking piles of water, not exercise!)

What better place to do it than Zero Gravity?

Part pool bar, part beach club, Zero gravity feels like entering a mini Ibiza. Where as in Ibiza you would have paid £40 to get in, at Zero Gravity thats what you pay to get in… and eat and drink all you can between 12-5 (* £60 for boys. SOZ)

Having spent the first few hours on the beach, it was now 12pm, and then meant a dash for the bar (& the food). Tip- take flip flops. Hopping around whilst waiting for food isn’t ideal… we learnt the hard way. The food is at different stalls, with mini burgers, sushi, curries and fruit to name a few. Drinks wise you have the usual (wine, beer etc) but then also cocktail bars. We became huge fans on the Margaritas…Whether they

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
When you’re so obsessed with your bag you take photos of it #guilty

That feeling when you manage to nail getting on your unicorn…



Living the unicorn dream


At quater to five I rallied the troops (and by that I mean Jake) and we dived to every bar in sight to grab as many drinks as possible…

And with that all there was to do was dance, drink and watch the sun go down.


Hard life.

Find out more about Zero gravity here:

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