Dubai Does It Best: Bubbalicious Brunchin’ 

Having landed at 8am, we’d had more than enough time to try & speed tan on the beach before heading to brunch. Obviously therefore, I was running late.

“The booking says you have to turn up within 15 minutes of the reservation” I was panickedly explaining as our taxi queued to drive into the Westin Hotel, host of Bubbalicious.

We really needn’t have worried- despite our 1am reservation there was a queue to get in- but a queue it was certainly worth waiting it.

I think I need to go back a step first though, and re- explain British Brunch and Dubai Brunch. A British Brunch is that mid morning to afternoon meal, an upgraded breakfast, almost lunch. Increasingly they’re becoming bottomless (Roka is one of my favourites) But Dubai? Dubai is a whole new level. Multiple live cooking stations and pop ups, boast all and any food you can think of- from Oysters and freshly cooked mussels, to pan-Asian, to fresh steak, to a cheese lovers paradise- it’s hard to know when to begin (and when to stop…). All accompanied by a live band…

As if that wasn’t enough, its bottomless. But not just ‘cheap fizz, gross wine or warm beer’ bottomless. As in constant top ups and multiple cocktail bars- want a Mojito? Tick. Margarita? Tick. Syringe full of mystery cocktail? Erm… tick.

And just when this didn’t sound incredible enough, there is none of that ‘2 hours only’ malarkey. No no, Dubai like to drag out their brunches, and at Bubbalicious we had 4 full hours of this fun…

Did I mention the watermelon’s full of cocktail?

So while I could talk you through every single one of the 100 dishes I tried (don’t judge me), I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Fresh Mussels….

…. ready to be cooked up

Happy as larry

Four hours later and with new friends in tow, the bars had closed and it was time to push on to the next stop.

Luckily, Barasti Beach Bar is mere stumbling distance away, and ready to continue the party (and the drinks) at their happy hour.

It had been one of the most incredible days in every way. While the Brits have started to nail brunch, we have a long way to go.

All hail Dubai, the global champion.

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