Marmite Dubai- love it or hate it?

I’ve said it before & I will say it again…. there is only one place to start a holiday- the Fortnum & Mason champagne bar… We had finished work and headed straight to the air port to have one (or 4) drinks and a nibble (or a meal by most peoples standard) before our flight….​

“Just a nibble”

Slightly tipsy we made our flight (where I proceeded to have a good cry to Lion… if you haven’t watched it do it now, it’s fantastic!). The flight times are perfect London to Dubai- leaving that evening and arriving in the morning in Dubai.

We were staying in The Sofitel on The Palm and we were more than ready for beach time…

It was heaven to know we would be staying in this incredible place for the next few days…

Should I be worried about the man climbing through our bath?


Did I mention the huge bath?

Elemis goodies worth stealing

The balcony was so lovely that one slightly drunken night (be fair, we had been at Zero Gravity all day…) we decided to have room service there. They prepared a whole table (and it would have been mega romantic if we hadn’t been slightly sloshed…)

Down by the beach (or the pool) was perfect to take that milky white edge off my winter skin… (I say milky, my skin tends to look more yellow….)

Fresh coconuts on the beach… the dream

Tans topped up there were numerous bars to head to for sundowners and sheesha.

Dubai is a bit like Marmite I’ve realised. While some people  love it, others hate it. But I think the key is to take it for what it is. This isn’t the place for historical sites and city meandering… but it is the perfect place to kick back, pick up a tan, relax and eat (and drink..!)

I for one like Marmite.

And Dubai.


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