Nama Raw Foods, London

“Just a quick lunch”

Famous last words.

It was a sunny day in Notting Hill, and I was meeting my mum for a quick bite to eat before wandering around in the sunshine. But with a perfect spot on a table outside Nama- Artisan Raw Foods  and a menu full of things, sounding all far too yummy, an hour turned into three…

Nama Raw Foods

Whilst I waited for my mum I tucked into some Guacamole and crackers. It takes a lot for me to admit that someone makes Guac better than I do, but that might have to be one of those moments….

Nama boasts not just a Vegan, unprocessed menu, but raw (that means food that hasn’t been ‘cooked, treated, or processed in any way, above 115°F’, if like me you weren’t sure!). The belief behind it is that when food is cooked above this temperature, it starts to lose its vitamins. Nama promises to leave you full up, and full of energy- and that it did.

We started with the Pasta Pomodoro and  Pizza Pomodoro…

Nama Raw Foods

Pasta Pomodoro

The Pasta Pomodoro was Zucchini pasta, pomodoro sauce, balsamic mushrooms, caramelised onion, Nocellara olives, and almond ‘parmesan’. Fresh tasting, it was like a summer version of a full plate of saucy pasta, with the zucchini just the right level of crunchy (no one likes soggy zucchini). Nama Raw Foods


The Pizza Pomodoro had a Walnut crust, Pomodoro sauce, macadamia ‘ricotta’, Nocellara olives, balsamic mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, caramelised onions and almond ‘parmesan’. Rich tasting it was the perfect swap- tasting naughty but full of the good stuff.

While our food went down we ordered some herbal tea (I went for the Immunitea- a teapot full of fresh ginger, turmeric, lime, and cinammon sticks). Had I not been saving space for dessert I would have been spoilt for choice- with a menu full of tasty smoothies and juices.

Nama Raw Foods

Dessert Platter

When it came to dessert, being spoilt for choice was an issue all over again. There was only one way to go- the mixed dessert platter. Not only was it full of incredible refined sugar free treats- it looked incredible.

Nama Raw Foods

Matcha Torte

The Matcha Torte had just the right level of Matcha- managing not to be too bitter, and embracing the Japanese flavours with the addition of sesame seeds. It wouldn’t have been a Nama platter without their famous Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake, (I’d been lucky enough to try this before at the Good Roots Festival). It was just as good as I remembered.


Nama Raw Foods

Blueberry Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake with Brazil Nut crust

Nama Raw Foods

Chocolate Ganache Pie

Next up was the Chocolate Ganache Pie- silky smooth and slightly bitter tasting. It had given me the taste for chocolate so I quickly tucked into the healthy version of a Ferrero Rocher- a hazelnut truffle.

Nama Raw Foods

Coconut Macaroons


Last up were the dense coconut macaroons- they reminded me of the amazing coconut bars they sell in Greece- & so so tasty.

Nama had kept its promise. We’d had a lovely afternoon spent in the sunshine, & we were certainly full, but with none of the usual bloat that would follow a three course meal. Now I’m just left obsessing how to recreate it at home…. Looks like I’ll have to book into one of their cookery classes soon!

Nama offers classes, catering and delivery packages as well as a dining experience in Notting Hill… find out more here:



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    Its like looking at pieces of Art !xx

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