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Naming it’s influences as half-Japanese and half-Danish, you wouldn’t be blamed for imagining Sticks’n’Sushi for being Hygge meets Sushi. And you wouldn’t be far off. No- there isn’t cinnamon buns waiting for you by an open fire- in fact the restaurants are modern and towards the ‘stark’ end of the spectrum, but there is a warmth that comes from a friendly atmosphere, incredible staff, and most importantly fabulous sushi.


As Sticks ‘n’ Sushi says- words are good, pictures are better. King of the flat lay- their menu meet photo album, will have you dribbling before the food even arrives (don’t believe me? View it online here). Offering both individual dishes and platters, Sticks’n’Sushi is reassuringly priced- affordable enough for us to order a platter and end up taking a doggie bag home, but not so cheap you sit wondering where your tuna really came from as you bite into your nigiri…



Ebi Bites- tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime & coriander

I feel its only right I start with these bad boys- Ebi Bites. Described as tempura shrimp, miso aïoli, chili, lime & coriander, the coating almost reminds me of crispy Rice Krispies. What is undeniable is my obsession with them- the fresh flavours of the chilli, lime and coriander balancing out the naughty tempura. It might just be me- but they’re worth trying in case it isn’t.


Tuna Tartare

One of the things I love about Sticks’n’ Sushi is the lack of fear of not sticking to ‘traditional’ flavours. Their Tuna Tartare unsurprisingly works really well with the avocado, soy sesame, cress, spring onion chives & nori chips. But its the surprising addition of the goats cheese and pine nuts that really makes the dish. A more simple example is their use of lemon juice on the Edamame- there is no going back for me (that might be my inner Greek talking- we put lemon juice on everything). And don’t get me started on the grilled corn with supreme soy & miso herb butter…


Edamame with salt and lemon


Grilled corn with supreme soy & miso herb butter

If you’re spoilt for choice (and you probably will be), a great way to explore the menu is via the platters.


Part of the Perfect Day Platter

They’re worth it. One of our favourites is the Perfect Day selection (£65 for two)-Edamame with salt and lemon, Kani Korokke (crab croquettes with wasabi caesar), Seared salmon, tuna and avocado nigiri, Spicy tuna maki, crispy ebi maki, and rice paper with duck and goma maki, Seared salmon tataki, plus three sticks- emmental cheese wrapped in bacon, chicken with chili dip, teriyaki & spring onion and lamb chop with miso herb butter.

You won’t be hungry.

You will be happy.

You may be eating the remainders for lunch.


Perfect crispy Kani Korokke, crab croquettes with wasabi caesar


Nigiri: Seared salmon, Yellowfin tuna and Avocado (with sesame & miso aïoli)


Tataki: Seared salmon, kizami wasabi, daikon, cress & ponzu


Rice paper with duck and goma- the sauce for these is nothing short of a dream


Maki: Spicy tuna and Crispy ebi


Sticks: Emmental cheese wrapped in bacon, chicken with chili dip, teriyaki & spring onion and lamb chop with miso herb butter- not picture perfect but amazing tasting

With good quality sushi, a warming environment and the friendliest staff, Sticks’n’Sushi will soon earn it’s place in your heart as the go to when you have that sushi craving. Even if it does lack the open fires.


Sticks’n’Sushi can be found in Denmark, or more conveniently in Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, Greenwich, Wimbledon and Cambridge. More info on their website: http://www.sticksnsushi.co.uk

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