Heartcore Fitness

Heartcore isn’t a gym. I would struggle to even call it a fitness studio. It’s more like the most amazing place that you don’t ever want to leave. As you walk in to inspirational messages and the smell of Lavender, your whole body instantly relaxes. 17264666_10154322887242409_6356170852280936261_n

Heartcore have a number of offerings across London. My usual haunt is the Moorgate site- close to work it is the perfect place to simultaneously push your body and unwind after a long day. The other gyms are no less amazing however. The St. John’s Wood boasted not only the cutest doggy, but major decor goals….

Crushing on the decor @ St. John’s Wood

While you wait there is herbal tea (Pukka– only the best obviously!)and everyone is so friendly that it really won’t take you long to see why you want to set up home right there and then.

The studios maintain this relaxed feel. The St John’s Wood one is in a converted church, while the Moorgate gym boast white fabric ceilings that make you feel like your in a yoga retreat in India.


This is no yoga class however. Reformer Pilates takes place on the reformer boards, and slow repetitive moments soon give you a burning muscle sensation you’ve never felt before (if you don’t believe me, believe Elle Macpherson’s rig). This is Pilates amped up, and I’ve seen the most enthusiastic runners and gym goers find it hard going (myself included), despite it being low impact. It’s worth it though, the instructors get you through, teach you the ropes, and you walk away knowing your body has had the most fantastic workout. If Reformer isn’t your bag, check into one of the Barre or TRX classes (though I won’t promise they’re any easier!).

Heartcore is leading the pack when it comes to gyms becoming less of a sweat box and more of a sanctuary- and I thank them for it.

Get your first Heartcore class for free by visiting their website here: http://www.heartcore.co.uk

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