Broadway Market & the BEST Vegan Burger

I have a confession.

I can’t really ride a bike.

I mean, okay, I know how to ride a bike… and I’ve often meandered around quiet streets in Asia on one…. but the whole navigating the busy streets of London, sticking my arm out as I turn, knowing when to turn my lights on, ting my bell and rush to start pedalling when the lights change fills me with fear. Living in East London however, it’s not acceptable to continue this fear. Cycle to work was signed up to, and my black hybrid (with a basket- of course!) arrived.

Looking far too happy with myself on the new bike

I love it! Having a bike I’ve been exploring London so much more & finding my new favourite places. Admittedly, I’m still not that confident on it (my fiancé has to lead me around most of the time!), but it’s so much fun.

One of the places we’ve discovered as our new weekend hang out is Broadway market. While the area is full of cool cafes and kooky shops during week, on Saturday there is also an amazing market, full of fresh produce, art, jewellery and yummy food.

Fresh flowers at Broadway Market


Spot the potato

We spent the first few hours just wondering around… We obviously needed a pre lunch snack to keep us going so we picked up a Chorizo Scotch Egg.

Chorizo Scotch Egg

I was amazed by the variety of food- from cakes to Scotch Eggs, to Cheese, too Caribbean, Indian, Gluten Free Cakes, Gluten filled cakes- the stalls were amazing. I loved all the old school Oyster stands too (although I am yet to be a fan of Oysters themselves…).




All the walking around the food had made me hungry, and there was only one stall I had my eye on- the incredible Vegan Burgers from Big V.

So tasty looking, you wouldn’t know they’d never touched a cow!

I was spoilt for choice- there was Chickpea burgers, burger boxes (served with salad) and Cheeseburgers served with ‘Facon’. I was in heaven!


We went for a Facon Cheeseburger & a Chickpea burger- they were as delicious as they looked, especially with the tangy vegan mayo sauce.


Having explored the market we decided to take a look at some of the shops.



I particularly fell in love with a furniture shop selling reclaimed furniture- they had some reclaimed theatre chairs from France and I was obsessed!


Before heading back home down the canal on our bikes we decided to grab a Coffee. However, another shop had caught my eye, and instead of coffee, we headed to Tiosk.


The shop itself has the most relaxing atmosphere, filled with yummy healthy treats and incredible tea. We opted for an Almond Milk Matcha Latte and a Coconut Milk Chai Latte- the Chai Latte blew me away. 17308878_10154322888042409_7296519269467300814_n

I’ve embraced the bike & I’m glad I have- I can’t wait to explore (and eat my way) around London!

Big V Burgers- find out where they are here:

You can also order Tiosk tea online- find the website here:

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