Hidden Burger Joint- Le Parker Meridien, New York

It was time for our final meal in New York, and with my new found beef obsessed in full swing, it seemed only right to end our trip with a fully loaded, full fat burger. We had been recommended a hidden burger place in Le Parker Meridien Hotel. Our only instructions were ‘left of the curtain, you’ll see a light’.

Just to be clear- Le Parker Meridien is a posh hotel. As we walked in, with my polka dot Nikes, I felt a bit out of place. Despite our instructions, we couldn’t see anything beyond a hotel reception, a bar so posh it deserve the term ‘lounge’ and the hotel restaurant. We weren’t giving up though- we’d been told this place held the honour of one of the best burgers in New York, and after asking the staff for some help, we were pointed towards a glowing burger sign, hidden to the left of the curtained area.


It was like entering a different world. The menu was on cardboard boxes, the walls were covered with half posters and the writing of past patrons. With a much more casual vibe, the small burger joint was packed with people enjoying burgers off paper plates, and chips out of a brown paper bag.



I went for the Cheeseburger, and my fiance Jake went for the full works- bacon cheese double patty burger (which I was secretly very jealous of when it arrived!). I have to apologise in advance for the not so great photos- all I say is I was bloody starving and couldn’t be faffing around taking photos of it when all I wanted to do was get it in my gob!16807240_10154260572082409_3828204120442872636_n


It lived up to expectations- the burger was juicy and in a soft bun, with just enough lettuce and gherkins. The chips were McDonald’s style (what’s not to love about that?) and I munched away happily from the brown bag.

Burger Joint may be hidden- but it’s worth finding, and the burger is all the more satisfying for having done so….

Le Parker Meridien is based in Midtown New York, near Central Park. Find out more about Burger Joint on their website: http://www.parkermeridien.com/eat/burger-joint/

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