The BEST Sandwich of my Life- Katz Deli, New York

I was initially planning on writing a post about ‘beef’ in New York. As one of the biggest beef consuming countries in the world, they know how to do it well. At home I cook mostly vegan meals, and it is rare I order red meat when I eat out… but that all changed in New York- I became beef obsessed! That post however, was totally scrapped due to this one sandwich, a sandwich so delicious, it was criminal not to dedicate an entire blog post to it… The outside of Katz Deli doesn’t give much away- traditional (and slightly run down) looking, it would easily be somewhere you walked past without much thought. We were visiting on the recommendation of friends, although it has earned a fair amount of fame after its appearance on Man vs. Food… and ‘When Harry Met Sally’ to name a few….

Katz Deli


Katz Deli

Inside was a different matter- huge amounts of people stood queuing, waiting to order sandwiches, looking for tables to enjoy them at, and eating the pastrami they give you to sample while you wait for your sandwich to be prepared. Despite the amount of people it only took ten mins to get our sandwich and we managed to find a seat quickly too.

Katz Deli

Upon entering Katz you get a ticket, which your server fills out, which you then give to the cashier on exiting to settle up. I ordered the traditional Pastrami sandwich, and having eaten my sample, I couldn’t wait to sit down and get stuck into it. Katz Deli

Katz Deli

2 slices of bread, a little mustard, and thick pilings of pastrami. Sounds simple- tastes epic.

As in, incredible.

As in, the BEST sandwich of my life.

As in my mouth genuinely starts to salvate when I think of it.

As in, better than Michelin stared meals.

As in, I would plan a trip back to New York based on this one sandwich alone.

In fact, I think you probably should too…

Katz Deli is located in Lower East Side Manhattan, New York. More information can be found on their website:

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