Where to explore in NYC

We were off to New York with work and excited was an understatement. Having ran past duty free (let’s face it- enough shopping was going to be done in New York without the temptation of so many make up counters…), there was only one place to sit and relax in Heathrow T5 pre flight….


“2 glasses of champagne please”

We were staying in Times Square for the  week and as the taxi dropped us off, our excitement hadn’t wained.


Times Square

The next morning we decided it was time to go for a wander, and of course, do some shopping…



We headed to Macy’s to raid Anastacia Beverly Hills. I’m not joking when I say I think we tried on about 15 lip colours each. Having bought enough lipstick and highlighter to last a lifetime we headed up to look around the clothes. One of my favourite things was the changing rooms. Most changing rooms in the UK manage to highlight every lump and bump on my body, often resulting in me thinking I should be spending more time in the gym and less shopping! Macy’s however offered 3 lighting options- evening, office and outdoor. It was a revelation… although I definitely stuck to the more forgiving ‘evening’ lighting.


Multiple lighting options in the Macy’s changing rooms

After shopping we headed to Agave for lunch (read all about that part here…). After a fun packed day we said goodnight to New York…


View from the hotel- I won’t be offering to wash their windows!

The next day we decided to do much of the same of the day before- wander around and get to know the city.


It wouldn’t have surprised me if they were after me given the antics of the day before…


The year before I had been in Chicago for the Superbowl, and I couldn’t believe my luck to be in the US again for it this year. We spent some time walking around Greenwich Village (definitely one of my favourite places… if I moved to New York I’d move there!) before hearing of a Patriots supporters club round the corner. Back on the margaritas we got as we took in the electric atmosphere of the Superbowl (and made some pals who’s hats we stole…)!


Supporting the Patriots in the Superbowl

Our time during the week was spent working in the day and eating in the evening (look out for my blog posts on Uncle Boons and Tao). Jake was flying in for Friday though as it was his birthday, and then meant going to buy one thing- CAKE. Where else from in New York than the  Magnolia Bakery….



On the Thursday it had snowed, and whilst New York was looking gorgeous covered in it, I was relieved to hear Jake’s flight hadn’t been cancelled…



For Jake’s stay we moved hotel to The Michelangelo. The hotel felt traditional, but plush and the room, with it’s huge bed, was so relaxing I could have moved in there.16730286_10154260572487409_3862230925715513102_n


With a few hours to kill pre his arrival, I decided to continue exploring the incredible city of New York…




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