Roof Top Cocktails- Skylark New York

I love the idea of a rooftop bar- sipping away on a cocktail, while taking in a breathtaking view. Sadly, I’ve found that not many live up to expectations. Too often the view is blocked off, the over priced cocktails are terrible, or there’s not enough room to swing a cat- never mind sit back and enjoy a cocktail.

Skylark on the other hand, is everything you ever wished for.

Through the unassuming entrance we went, where past an art lined hallway we were directed to the lift.



We bypassed the lounge area and went straight up to the bar (standard…). The view did not disappoint… and neither did the decor. With a chilled loungey vibe, the bar was lined with not only bar tables, but relaxing couches, over looking New York in all her glory.



We were lucky enough the first time (yes, once this gem had been discovered we definitely went back for more!) to be sat over looking the Empire State building. As the lights went down, I couldn’t keep my eyes off how incredible the city looked.


We even went back after it had snowed to capture snow covered New York…


A gorgeous view and comfy couches is all well and good, but what about the drinks and bar snacks? Put it this way- there is no coming back from their Rio Verde Margarita. A blend of tequila, lime, agave and chilli liquor, it had a Bloody Mary style spicy kick to it. While this was by far the favourite, we obviously dabbled across the menu, boasting cocktails such as Carmalised Pineapple Mojito and a Black Walnut Old Fashioned.

As if this wasn’t enough (so far it had nailed the view, the atmosphere, the music, the cocktails…), they served epic bar snacks they call ‘dinner by the bite’. While the Pigs’N’Blankets and Mac ‘N’Cheese Cupcakes were great, it was the Barbequed Short Rib Bites served with Corn Relish and Cilantro Pesto that had me druelling. One order turned into two as the melt in the mouth meat was just too good not to have more of.

Left: Mac ‘N’Cheese Cupcakes, Right: Barbequed Short Rib Bites served with Corn Relish and Cilantro Pesto
Barbequed Short Rib Bites served with Corn Relish and Cilantro Pesto16640856_10154257002422409_1992068813432856258_n

While some rooftop bars may have a view, Skylark had it all, and it has firmly earnt is place at the top of my list of bars.

Skylark is located in the heart of Times Square, New York. For more information, visit their website:

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