The Best Breakfast Guide: New York

Breakfast is meant to be one of the most important meals of the day, and the Americans certainty treat it that way. Big, tasty and with a side of bottomless coffee you can’t go wrong. But that’s not all … from a Broadway Show along side your breakfast, to the best gluten free bread I’ve tasted, we found out what New York had to offer

1. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

You know when you ask for recommendations for places to go in New York, and multiple sources tell you about the same place, that your in for a real treat. Ellen’s Stardust Diner promises Diner style food, with a side of Broadway performances.


There was a slight queue to get in, but it passed quickly, especially with our excitement. The Diner is stereotypical in Diner design, but with a twist. Instead of having waitresses, Ellen’s hires wannabe Broadway performers, and there is nothing wannabe about their incredible performances. We had everything, from Spice Girls to Les Miserables and were blown away time after time- the only gutting part was lacking the talent to get up there with them.


In terms of food I admit I cheated a bit on this one, and didn’t really go for Breakfast (in my defence, it was a late breakfast…). Instead I went for the most amazing milkshake, complete with cherry and whipped cream and a Cobb Salad (admittedly with chicken wings and waffle fries….). It’s hard to concentrate much on the food though once you notice your waiter does an incredible rendition of Adele.


2. The Healthy American breakfast


For a dose of health, head to Le Pain Quotidien.  Here I had one of the best Organic Gluten Free breads I have ever tried, served with delicious boiled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado smash. As if that wasn’t enough, I also had a almond butter smoothie to make sure I really dosed up to counter balance my new found burger and fries obsession. It was good- really good- and a million miles away from the traditional American diner style breakfast.

3. Traditional American Diner- Times Square Diner

When all’s said and done, you still have to try the proper American Diner Breakfast experience.  Family run and open 24 hours, the Times Square Diner is the place to go. The options on the menu looked so tasty we couldn’t pick, so I manage to broke a ‘share half and half’. For our savoury main, we took the waiters recommendation of Corned Beef Hash. I have no idea what corned beef is (and have purposefully avoided googling it), but it tasted amazing. With lots of tasty potato and fried eggs on top, it was the perfect breakfast for a hangover cure.


For balance’s sake, we went one savoury, one sweet (I take this very seriously as you can tell). For sweet we chose the French Toast- two thick slabs of brioche with Nutella, Banana , Icing Sugar and Cinnamon. It was heaven on a plate, and despite having demolished half the corned beef hash, I ploughed straight through my half of it.


New York…. you have ruined me… microwave porridge for breakfast will forever pale in comparison.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner:

Le Pain Quotidien:

Times Square Diner:

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