1 Day in Berlin

I had never been to Berlin before, but had wanted to visit for a long time. Aside from it’s famous nightclubs, it seemed to have increasingly become a popular destination for weekend breaks, and I was intrigued to see it first hand. Here’s my guide to 1 Day in Berlin!

1 Day in Berlin

The city is highly industrial looking. The snow whilst we were there added to the atmosphere this created, but this was offset by it’s creative culture. From hidden restaurants (we visited Tausend) and hip hotel (we stayed at 25 hours Berlin), the city has moved on a long way since the wars and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Our first stop on our day sight seeing was the famous Brandenburg gate, which we walked to via the wonderful Tiergarten park…

1 Day in Berlin16114414_10154184862077409_8131706362161558271_n

We couldn’t come to Berlin without seeing the Berlin wall. We decided to visit the East Side Gallery- a memorial for freedom, with remainders of the wall covered in art depicting love, peace, equality and freedom.

Berlin Wall

They copied us…

Berlin Wall16174409_10154184862352409_5518678100278561030_n16114835_10154184862247409_6940339072665706841_n

Having walked around in the snow for a few hours we decided it was time to experience the beer hall and have some good old German sausage (and Steins). While I’m dubious as to how traditional Hofbraeu Berlin was, it was undoubtedly fun, with both stag do’s and families enjoying the traditional German band. After my first Stein I actually ended up ordering the German white wine…at 10 Euros for a a half liter I was dubious… but it was nice… and certainly nice enough to finish the lot….

1 day in Berlin

1 day in Berlin

ALL of the sausage

1 day in Berlin

As the sun started to set we headed to the TV tower Berlin (Fernsehturm de Berlín) to take in the view (and have a couple of cheeky cocktails). Despite the fog, it still gave an impressive birds eye view of the city, and helped me get some bearings (only some- my sense of direction is horrific). Having spent some time in the Beer Hall, after another cocktail we decided it was probably time to leave the TV tower, and the people in their bar in peace…

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