Hidden Berlin Restaurant- Tausend

“Are you sure this is the place?”

I’m managing this is frequently people’s question, the first time they rock up to Tausend. In a quiet part of a not overly busy street, the grey metal door set tucked in among graffiti  coated walls, it is both easily passed by or somewhere that looks like you want to avoid. Having done a quick walk up and down the street, I was convinced this was the door- and come 7:30 I was proven right, as the door opened, and we were let into one of the most spectacular bars and restaurants I’ve been to.

Bar Area

The bar is predominantly black, with an incredible white cove at the end. How this lay behind the bland metal door we had seen before was mind boggling. We were led through the bar to the restaurant. Contrasting to the black and white bar, while still predominantly black, the walls boasted incredible technicolor lights. This was the amazing hidden Berlin I had been looking for.

Restaurant area

What Tausend had in looks, it certainly matched in flavor.  A Latin and Asian fusion of flavors we enjoyed the best octopus I’ve had (sorry Greece!), pork and for main buttery steak.


After our meal we retired back into the bar to have a few drinks. Reclining into the sofas, Tausend managed the perfect mix- the kind of bar where you would start up your night out, or the type of place you can sit, chill and chat.

Tausend just proves that it’s not whats on the outside but the inside that counts, and the inside was certainly amazing.

Tausend is in Berlin, Germany. Tausend’s website can be found here: http://tausendberlin.com/


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