Where to stay: 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

You know you are going to love the 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin as soon as you walk in. The lobby- part hipster and part Hygge, the lobby boasted fires, cosy looking blankets, a bike station… and hammocks.


The room was unbelievably cool- a double sided mirror hung free above the open plan bathroom and a hammock was out by the window which over looked… (wait for it)…THE ZOO! As I sat swinging on the hammock watching the monkeys in the zoo, I knew I was going to be very happy here…


My boyfriend had booked the hotel as part of a surprise birthday trip, and I walked into the room to discover a beautiful bunch of flowers waiting.


The 25 Hours Hotel Berlin sits behind Bikini Berlin. We escaped the snow and spent some time wandering through. Bikini Berlin was full of art and fashion shops and pop ups, topped off by juice bars and cafes- the kind of place that makes you feel cool just walking through it (and just SO Shoreditch). 


25 Hours Hotel Lobby

Breakfast the next morning was a whole new treat in itself…  Overlooking the zoo (of course), there was a generous section to pick from. Hot breakfast (including German sausage of course… and a very yummy warm rice pudding with apple compote), continental (not your average sweaty sliced cheese- there was a whole cheese board and plenty of smoked salmon), as well as one of the best selections of yogurt toppings I have ever….


What a selection…


I’m not afraid to admit I had rice pudding with a side of sausage, as a side to my main breakfast….


Breakfast overlooking the snowy zoo


Now that’s fresh honey

On the second night we ate in the hotel restaurant- NENI. We went for the Best of NENI menu option- with no regrets. Nene describes itself as having ‘Persian, Moroccan, Spanish and Israeli’ influences. Plate after stacked plate arrived at the table, filled with delicious food such as hummus, babaganoush, oven baked sweet potato and chickpea salads. The desert platter bought a final round of treats- including a particularly tasty cheesecake… & a birthday candle of course!


After dinner we headed through to the lively bar to continue the fun with a few post dinner cocktails… before retiring back to our hammock (with a bottle of champagne!)



It was a magical stay for so many reasons… Not only can I not wait to visit again, I can’t wait to install a hammock at home. Until next time 25 hours ….

For more information on 25 Hour Hotel Berlin visit their website: http://www.25hours-hotels.com/en/bikini/home/home.html

Bikini Berlin: https://www.bikiniberlin.de/en/

Reservations and NENI’s menu can be found here: http://neni.at/en/restaurants/berlin/

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