Gunpowder Spitalfields, London

It was a Monday. And I don’t care what you tell me about a ‘fresh start to the week’- I just don’t like them. Except Monday’s that include lunches at Gunpowder Spitalfields.Gunpowder Spitalfields

I’d been before to the cosy restaurant tucked behind Spitalfields, but in the evening. A classic ‘no reservations’, we put our names down before going for a drink pre-meal. The restaurant atmospheres transfers well into the day time, and I was excited to tuck in. While Gunpowder claims to be home-style Indian cooking, I feel like they’re doing themselves a disservice- yes Ma’s lamb chops will have your ordering extra portions (everyyyy time….) but there’s also inventive twists- with savory doughnuts and specials including skewered chicken hearts. Even the veg gets upgraded- with Porzhi Okra Fries, Sigree Grilled Mustard Broccoli (a must- trust me) and the Gunpowder Aloo Chaat of dreams….

Gunpowder Spitalfields

Gunpowder Aloo Chaat

Gunpowder Spitalfields

Spicy Venison and Vermicelli Doughnut

Gunpowder Spitalfields

Maa’s Kashmiri Lamb Chops

Gunpowder Spitalfields

Skewered Chicken Hearts

Gunpowder Spitalfields

Dreamy Ribs

If that’s homemade in India, book me a ticket now….

Gunpowder is located in Spitalfields, more information on their website:


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