The Athenaeum

With my birthday fast approaching. it felt only right to start celebrations early. As part of this, we decided to visit The Athenaeum.

The Athenaeum is famous for it’s ‘living wall‘ (seen to the right), designed by Patrick Blanc. Upon entering there was only one place to head to- the bar.16194986_10154184867152409_4184210120784548436_n

Set downstairs the bar is the perfect example of a ‘lounge area’. The slick bar is accompanied by stylish (but comfy) couches, looking out onto a living wall area. I had previously visited for the Afternoon Tea downstairs and remember it as one of the best I have ever had. (it’s won the equivalent of an afternoon tea Michelin star if you don’t believe me!). There’s also one available upstairs (but downstairs is best…).


Celebrations starting early
Even the glasses are pretty (and I’m a sucker for a bowl of bar snacks…)


The Athenaeum was the perfect place to escape the city hustle and bustle on a Sunday afternoon, and set up a fake (much more stylish) Sunday living room…

Find more information on The Athenaeum on their website:

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