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The great thing about Class Pass is that you get to both discover new places, classes and forms of exercise, but also get to try places you’ve always wanted to. Calling themselves the Rebel Army, 1Rebel has a cult following in London, with the most hardcore taking on the 10 in 10 days. I was excited to try 1Rebel, and I wasn’t disappointed.

There are three types of classes you can take part in at 1Rebel: Spin, ReShape and Rumble. With uplifting playlists, the Spin is great, but for me it’s ReShape and Rumble that are the real stars of the show.

  1. Rumble


Rumble is a boxing class like no boxing class you have experienced before. Set in a circular room, with punch bags, you build up sets of different punches. Sets in the ring are interchanged with sets for legs, arms & abs- we’re talking jump squats, burpees and lunges… all accumulating in a lights down all out punching session, guaranteed to erase all stress from the week. You’ll be hooked from your first class…


2. ReShape

I have to admit I had been going to 1Rebel for a while before I plucked up the courage to attempt a ReShape class. Sets are interchanged between on the treadmill and the box with weights. I was nervous- and I had every right to be. This wasn’t just a couple minutes of gentle jogging in between sets, this was interchanging speeds and gradients, and if that wasn’t enough there was resistant running (you essentially stop the treadmill but keep it going with your legs- it’s as tough as it sounds), and ‘bunny hopping’ (forward jump squatting on the treadmill). Your thirty second breaks go far too quickly as you switch places and make your way to the box for more rounds of torture. Hard work it may be, but its addictive and the uplifting playlist keeps you motivated.

N.B. Prepare not to walk for the next week.


ReShape Studio

After all that hard work, 1Rebel rewards you. Not only is there a juice and smoothie bar, but the shower & changing rooms are so nice it will make you want to start getting ready for work there instead of home. We’re talking cold towels in a fridge, heated benches, dressing room mirrors with the latest GHD straighteners and hair dryers and cowshed cleaners toners and moisturisers on tap. Dreamy.


3. Double Shot

For the truly brave, try the double shot- half an hour of ReShape followed by half an hour of Rumble. If you don’t leave shaking I salute you.


1Rebel… I’m addicted, and my legs ache for it.

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