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I love baking. Cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pies… all things I have attempted to bake with varying levels of success. A doughnut however, has always seemed one of those mythical things I wouldn’t even know where to start with (how do they get the filling in?! Is this baked or fried!? Why does the sugar just seem to stick?!)…Luckily I recieved an invite to attend a Bread Ahead  course and finally got to unviel the mystery of their famous doughnuts. Bread Ahead is set in Borough Market, with a glass fronted downstairs bakery making your carb cravings going into overdrive, and the upstairs classrooms instructing you on how to make the treats yourself.

Bread Ahead Doughnut

Bread Ahead Doughnut

Making a dBread Ahead Doughnutoughnut, it turns out, is a two day affair, so while we made some dough to take home, there was also a Blue Peter ‘Here’s one I prepared earlier’ moment. The doughnut ingredients were combined then ‘teared and stretched’ while gradually adding the butter. This was then left to rise before chilling over night (hence the Blue Peter moment…). The ‘next day’ this dough is split into balls and left to rise (again) before hitting the deep fat fryer. This was also the time we discovered the sign of a proper doughnut, with the white ring around the middle being created by frying one side, then flipping it over.  Once they were out we quickly coated them in sugar, which stuck to the still hot surface. At this point we ripped into one warm- my favourite part of the class so far- warm lemony doughnut….yummy.

Once we had doughnuts it was time to make fillings. We made fresh vanilla custard as well as caramel custard. What better to go with the caramel custard? Honeycomb….

Bread Ahead DoughnutBread Ahead Doughnut

Doughnuts and fillings made it was time to fill them- first by making a hole then piping in filling. My favourite combo was jam custard…mmmmm….

Bread Ahead Doughnut

We went home with a box of doughnuts which wouldn’t have looked out of place on one of borough market’s stalls, as well as some dough to recreate them at home and a bag of honeycomb. I realised doughnuts are a labour of love, but that a properly made doughnut blows Krispy Creme’s out of the water.

I’ve become a doughnut snob, and it tastes good…

See Bread Ahead’s range of courses here: Alternatively, visit there stall & see what all the fresh doughnut fuss is about….

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