Curling Comes to London- Sliders

When I said we were spending our evening curling, most people assumed I was joking.

“The thing with the brush and the ice and you sweep?”

Yep, that’s the one (although admittedly without the brush). Curling has come to Stratford in the form of Sliders, and we were off to try it out.

Based on the roof of the shopping centre opposite Stratford Westfield, the heated rooftop host not only Sliders curling, but karaoke, a Spirited Mixers bar and food from Rockadollar (posh hotdogs) and Cachina (Peruvian BBQ). It’s heated, but its a little chilly in winter, so I’d suggest donning your best puffa.

My love for the bar area was instant due to the giant Jenga. As if this wasn’t good enough, as we played waiting for the boys, we discovered a Free Cocktail piece- winner…


Once the boys arrived it was time to get onto the main event- Let The Curling Commence! We decided to play boys v. girls, and to say it got heated is an understatement. Essentially, you have to push the curling piece (what do you call that!?… google says Curling Stone!) into the circles. Sounds simple- until you have two highly competitive teams trying to strategically knock the opponents piece out of the circles.


Unfortunately the boys had a (narrow) victory, and we had no choice but to go sample some of the food, and drink some more cocktails.


If you haven’t tried curling before, grab your coat and get to Sliders to give it a go. And who knows, if it escalates, you might even end your night in the Karaoke too….


Ideally bring your own warm clothes, and not steal the girls….

For more information on Sliders visit their website:

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