Denim ‘N’ Dine

A Michelin trained chef, a monthly changing 6 course menu- introduced by the chef’s themselves and all set at a rather lovely large communal dining table in a Denim Factory…Not only that, but because we were at a Nudge opening, it was BYOB. Result. I was certainly excited, if not intrigued, to experience what Denim ‘N’ Dine would be like…

The setting itself looked amazing. The machines stopped for the day and the bright overhead lighting had been replaced with soft evening lighting and candles. At the end of the handmade denim atelier lies a beautifully set large wooden dining table, with a menu at your place, listing the evenings delights.15822780_10154123238017409_6960779420989582358_n

It was an inventive menu, with items cooked in ways you wouldn’t expect (Mushroom Cappuccino!?) and ingredients you weren’t necessarily familiar with (I’m still not entirely sure what Kohlrabi is…)

We started with the Vinegar Cured Salmon, Egg Yolk, Shrimp and Wakame Seaweed Salad. Each element was amazing alone and the presentation made it almost too pretty to eat. I was particularly amazed by the Egg Yolk (second from left), coated in a crust yet perfectly runny in the middle.


Wakame Seaweed Salad, Vinegar Cured Salmon, Egg Yolk, Shrimp

Next up was the Goats Cheese Gnocchi. I’m a huge fan on Gnocchi with it’s dense texture and this one was no exception, managing not to be totally overwhelmed by the goats cheese flavor.


Goats Cheese Gnocchi

Next up came the coffee you’ve never seen on a Starbucks menu. The Mushroom Cappuccino with bacon foam had baffled me since I had seen it on the menu. I’m not hugely keen on mushrooms, so I wasn’t holding out much hope….Ironically it ended up being one of my favourite courses… and not a coffee bean in sight.


Mushroom Cappuccino

I was excited for the Octopus course, with it being my strangest favourite childhood food. I used to get my Dad to order extra Ouzo in summers in Greece just so I could wolf down the plate of char grilled Octopus that came with it. That said- I can find it a slimy, fishy thing that I don’t like when cooked in certain ways. This hit the mark though- fresh tasting and not at all chewy. This was soon after followed by the tasty Duck Ragout with Charred Corn.


Octopus course


Duck Ragout

After all that food I should have been full, but luckily my desert belly was ready and waiting to take over. After a surprise course, which involved cracking a chocolate bomb, the berries and sorbet was a refreshing but no less yummy end to what had been an amazing dinner.


Berries and format frais sorbet

Denim ‘N’ Dine was a magical experience, with incredible food. With it’s regularly changing menu I can’t wait to go back and see what else they have to offer.

Denin ‘N’ Dine tickets  and the latest menu is available here: 

(Please note Denim ‘N’ Dine is no longer BYOB, but now serves a small selection of reasonably priced and specially picked bevvies) 

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