Greek Island Hopping: Hydra & Spetses


Waving goodbye to Poros, it was time to head to our next destination… and one of my favourites.


Just 40 minutes away (you can get the flying dolphin regularly) lies the idyllic Hydra. Free from cars (okay bar one garbage van, but I think you’ll be thankful for that), the picture perfect town is powered by Donkey, and is a hub for the artistic types, and most notably incredible jewellery.14265044_10154421250263830_8349429509687030761_n


Of course, there is also the bakeries… (when will my bread obsession ever end?!)


Acting casual (fooling no one)

Walking round the headland you can have a beautiful view over the town. Exploring the town is a maze of pretty back streets and boutique hotels covered in fuschia and leading to tree covered courtyards. The other headland boasts an incredible waterside bar, and the rocks where people swim. This area is full of childhood memories for me (no, I don’t mean the bar…), watching the older kids jump, handstand and flip off the cave, until I was brave enough to make the leap myself. Even now, every year I have to talk myself into it, just to check I’m not chicken.


While there is good food in the maintown, where you really want to be is in the bay next door. Walking round the headline there are beautiful views across the water and as a final reward there is a perfect little restaurant to watch the sun go down…




Having jumped the cliff, raided the jewellery stores, watched the sunset, (eaten all the bread, sworn at an Italian sailing boat) it was time to move on to Spetses.
Spetses mooring is a whole different beast. Eventually we ended up moored next to an abandoned ferry boat, and went for a wander to meet the mermaid.


Vajazzle anyone?!

It was time for lunch (again…) so we headed into town for some fresh fish and Greek salad.



Yes, those are chips you spy in the corner

We went for a little wander round the town, popping into the shops and boutiques  before heading back to the boat a swim and siesta.

After a perfect few days, where better to end it than having dinner on the beach.

With the cats 😺.


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