Greece- Athens & Glyfada

When I was younger, every year was spent going to the island of Poros in the Peloponnese. Athens was only known to me for Piraeus port where we took the flying dolphin or ferry to get to Poros. But with my parents setting up a base in Glyfada (a suburb of Athens), this all changed and over the past few years I have fallen in love with the city.


Rooftop view in Glyfada

Glyfada itself is like a mini city. Close to the beach there are lots of shops, coffee bars, restaurants and cocktail bars. There is always a gentle business, lots of people having coffees, eating out with family and friends.. and the bars stay open much later than I do. There is no quiet nights- I’ve been heading for bed at midnight on a Monday and there is still plenty going on. My favourite places have become Tsi Tsi and Sardelaki. At Tsi Tsi you can get amazing grilled meats and huge salads (plus amazing desert trays!). Sardelaki on the other hand, is the most amazing fish. There starters are also fab- a waiter will come round with a number of dishes you can pick from.


The AMAZING deserts at Tsi Tsi

Whilst we are in Glyfada we often like to wander into Athens and get to know the city more. It’s an amazing place. One minute you are walking through some shops, and the next moment you are at an archeological dig….


One of the sites, surrounded my modern buildings

The Acropolis itself is one of my favourite places (I am a secret history Geek). I find it incredible that this was where all these people were so long ago, and the incredibly beautiful structures they built without any modern machinery. It’s hot, they ain’t lying when they tell you that, so go morning or later in the afternoon, and if its all too much head to the amazing air conditioned museum.



Excited history geek faces on!




Now, of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t

a) Find you a bar

b) Offer you a ‘pretending to be cultural’ alternative

If museums and walking around the Acropolis in 30 degree heat don’t take your fancy, head to the Hotel Grande Bretagne‘s roof top bar/restaurant. Located in Syntagma Square (another cultural tick!), not only do they serve the most incredible cocktails, but you get to overlook the Acropolis. They even have a cheeky selfie corner where you can grab a snap…




History buff or bar buff?

I’ll take both.

Tsi Tsi is located in Glyfada, find out more here: , as is Sardelaki: (some great photos of the starters board on here!)

Hotel Grande Bretagne:

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