100 Islington

I love it around Angel & Islington, mainly because its full of my favourite things: Bars & Restaurants. So, when the Nudge announced a new restaurant (and half price food!), I was excited.

Part of the 100 group restaurants (they also have one in Hoxton & one in Kensington), the food has a mainly Asian influence, with some best of British & Mediterranean thrown into the mix. Because it is in small plates, you have no excuse to order & try far too much!



A perfect example of this mix was the Courgette & Halloumi Fritter with preserved lemon yoghurt- giving me flashes forward to summer and the Mediterranean while the incredible Singapore Soft Shell Chilli Crab with peanut and lime was clearly embracing the Asian influences.


Left: Courgette & Halloumi Fritter. Right: Singapore Soft Shell Chilli Crab


The Chilli Fried Rice, chilli prawn sambal, fried egg, chinese sausage (top right) was a dream and reminded me a bit of an upscale Nasi Goreng (but that might have just been the egg on top). The Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Seeds upgraded itself from being a side dish by being so tasty.


It was the Pork belly however, that stole my heart, and guaranteed I would be coming back for more (even when it wasn’t half price!)

100 Islington has now closed but you can still find out more about their other restaurants here: http://100restaurants.co.uk

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