Andina, Shoreditch

Ever since Ceviche opened, my love for Peruvian food has grown. The Michelin-guide listed Andina is another of Martin Morales offerings, and with a yummy looking menu (a lot of which is gluten free…), I was definitely excited by a lunch invite there. First up- cocktails. The menu boasted a whole range of Pisco Sours like you’ve never seen them before… I opted for the El Chalaco- Vanilla and limo chilli-infused Barsol pisco with ginger ale.

Ceviche Andina:  Sea Bass, Goldenberry, Avocado, Sweet Potato
It wouldn’t have been a Peruvian meal without ceviche- raw fish, in thin slices or chunks, usually marinated in  citrus juices. The ceviche didn’t let us down- fresh and a little spicy.
Ceviche Clásico: Sea Bass, Lime Tiger’s Milk, Coriander, Limo Chilli, Sweet Potato, Choclo Corn

It wasn’t just the ceviche to enjoy. The grilled and street food plates included marinated duck breast (below), crispy pork belly (with coriander and choclo corn purée and peanut amarillo chilli sauce) and a quinoa burger.


Pato Sampa (gf): marinated duck breast, sweet potato purée, black quinoa sauce

Corn Cake & Avocado

Andina was one of those perfect lunch destinations- filled with tasty food made from fresh healthy ingredients, meaning that even after a few Pisco Sours, we didn’t leave feeling guilty.

More information on Andina can be found on their website:

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