Livia’s Kitchen Baking Class

In an ideal world, I spend Sundays being a domestic goddess- baking cakes, food prepping for the week ahead and generally gracing the kitchen like an East London Nigella.

Unfortunately this is rarely the case, so to get my inspiration flowing I decided to book into a Livia’s Kitchen baking course.


You would never guess these are dairy, gluten & refined sugar free…

Entering the kitchen I was already drooling at the ingredients- it was a health food lovers dream. Mountains of avocados, dates, cashew butter, almond butter, limes and almonds… I would be lying if I didn’t have a nibble on a few dates…dipped in almond butter…. (sorry!)


We started by making a key lime pie. The base reminded me of a healthy gingerbread mix, which worked perfectly against the sharp lime avocado topping- which to my surprise retained the creamy avocadoness, without any avocado flavour.

Next we made raw chocolate brownies, with a gorgeous salted caramel topping. I cut them into mini bites, so I could feel less guilty about eating 4 at a time.


While I have made raw deserts before I have never experimented with healthier versions of the cooked deserts such as cakes and cookies, so the next two treats- raspberry frosted cupcakes and lemon cookies- were a revelation.


I’m not ashamed to say I fell so in love with the cupcakes that at least 3 were devoured on that day alone…


Livia & her elves were amazing at leading the class, and there were plenty of goodies to take home and share (or not…..). The East London Nigella I may still not be, but I’ll be happy eating away my sorrows in my refined sugar, dairy and gluten free deserts.


Livia’s Kitchen runs cookery classes at various times in the year. Find her next events here:

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