I have a confession- I was nervous about Glastonbury. Known as one of the best festivals not only in the UK but the world there was a lot of build up behind it (not to mention the ticket buying fiasco- hint: get into groups of 6, swap details beforehand and all try on the day!). Frequented by the likes of Kate Moss and her effortlessly cool wardrobe, not only did Glastonbury have a lot to live up to… so did I.

We arrived after a 6am set off from London and 8 hour drive. It might not sound fun, but with three of us in the car and excitement levels high it passed in no time. Our friends had beaten the traffic and found a spot for us to pitch our tents (of all the places they chose by the toilets- I kid you not) so all we had to do was find them. I’d heard vague mentions of it being a huge festival and there being a long walk from the parking… they weren’t joking. After two trips in the mud I was ready for my first drink (or 5). We had arrived early which left plenty of time for catching up and exploring. 15747785_10154123240602409_216997790711536333_n

I very quickly fell in love. One of the first areas we stumbled into was a hippy style area- offering free massages and adorned with flowers, feathers and all things peace and love. There was constantly places to explore, and I secretly hoped my legs were enjoying the leg work out (Wellies + mud+ walking =thighs of steel). We hadn’t appeared lucky with the weather- after days of rain there was plenty of mud- but with little new rain appearing and surrounded by the festival spirit we were all happy campers (literally!).15822956_10154123240482409_1940011853363811265_n

During the day we bounced between different stages. Thanks to my much more musically knowledgeable friends I was blown away by Christine and the Queens and mesmerized by Lapsley. With a variety of stages there was something for everyone’s taste.

15747338_10154132984512409_6157639346053362333_nAnd then there were the evening acts… Muse were incredible and Adele left me sobbing, but this was just the start of the evening. There was the silent disco, the famous Arcadia spider and the incredible Shangri-La . It was here one night we discovered a circular club, with an open roof, playing drum and bass as the sun came up and the rain poured down. It was nothing short of incredible.


Glastonbury music stage


Lights through Love Specs

One of the must have’s for the Festival were these Love Specs. Putting them on, all lights turn to love hearts- all in the name of a good charitable cause.


The Glastonbury news notifying us of the UK departure from the EU


On the last day we walked up to the famous Glastonbury sign, looked over the festival, and reflected on the last few days. It has, without a doubt, been five of the best days of our lives, and the thought of leaving the Glastonbury bubble left us feeling already nostalgic for our time there. There is a reason Glastonbury hold’s its crown as one of the best festivals- diverse and full of love, it isn’t one to be missed. 15823034_10154123240357409_4208147737162653046_n


Find out more about Glastonbury, and keep an eye out for tickets here:

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