Pergola on the Roof

After almost tropical rain, the sky had cleared, the sun was (sort of) shining and work was over for the day, so off we headed to Shephards Bush to check out the new Pergola on the Roof.


The setting was the perfect type of city secret. The old BBC building is industrial and worn out looking, and yet the lift doors open to a flowery terrace, sand coloured shale and pretty fairy light coated trees.


We had gone to an exclusive opening party (courtesy of The Nudge), which included a four hour free bar (for £16… just saying!). We started on cocktails which despite their summery taste were secretly potent…


There are four options for food- Le Coq, Patty & Bun, Salt Yard and Rabbit. The pork scratching chunky chips from Le Coq resembled half chip, half roast potato and were incredible. We couldn’t resist the chicken wings from Patty & Bun….


And then there was the seared beef, the eton mess…


By hour 2, we were wondering how we could keep drinking for 2 more hours, our chat becoming increasingly inappropriate for the beautiful setting.


By the time we left, we were beyond merry, treating a whole packed tube carriage to our best (and which I mean terrible), rendition of Mariah Carey and Westlifes ‘Against All Odds’. I’m still living in fear a YouTube video will emerge…

As if Wednesday Hump Days weren’t bad enough, that Wednesday I was nursing the world’s worst hangover- Thirsty Tuesday, so wrong… and yet so right.

Pergola on the Roof ha both Summer & Winter editions, with more information on their website: 

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