Exploring Venice

There are some cities you visit where there are incredible tourist highlights, surrounded by not much else. Venice is not one of those cities. While the incredible history and culture is undeniable, one of my favourite things about Venice is that it will blow you away, simply by walking around and taking it all in.

With it’s beautiful buildings, secret passages for streets and famous gondolas, it is not hard to see why Venice is deemed one of the most breathtaking cities in the world

Aside from the tourists, there are still places to take in Venice in all its glory in relative calm. The Bauer rooftop is one of those.  We snuck up and were not in the least bit disappointed by the view.


View from The Bauer rooftop

Another way to escape the busy tourist filled streets (escape ourselves in other words…) is to explore down the quieter side streets, with small bridges affording you the most incredible views down the canal.


Exploring the side streets

Of course, all this exploring is hungry (and thirsty work). As we walked around the city we stumbled across a street full of small bars, which served traditional Italian ‘tapas’. Venice has a reputation for being expensive but from these small Italian shops you could get fresh pieces of baguette topped with delicious toppings for only 1.50 Euro, accompanied by a glass of whatever you fancied (and I mean this quite literally- the walls were lined with alcohol!) for 2 Euro… all of which could be enjoyed sitting on the waters edge outside the shop.



Sitting and enjoying drinks & Italian ‘tapas’

After all that exploring, it seemed only fair to sit back, have a drink…and relax.

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