Sushi Making Class- London Cookery School


‘Love at first sight’

I have a confession- I didn’t used to like sushi. My first experience was supermarket bought, and the taste of the fishy rice and seaweed I  found quite frankly vile. Over the years however, my love of sushi has grown to the point that one of the best meals of my life included it- at Sokyo in Sydney. Despite how much of it I now eat, the making of it has always baffled me. This called for a sushi making class!

We turned up to the London Cookery School , bottle of Prosecco in hand, ready to roll. Our teacher talked us through the various ingredients and their quality (Sushi should always be made with sushi grade fish from the fishmongers), before getting down to the business of making our first roll.


Getting arty with the Sushi

While slightly fiddly, it wasn’t as hard as I assumed it would be, and before long we were having fun making our sushi look as beautiful as it tasted. To achieve this we used sesame seeds (black and white), beetroot, herbs, green beans, peppers and asparagus to add delicate decoration to them.


Flower Sushi

After two hours or rolling and decorating we finally feasted. At this point I wished we had bought a bottle of sparkling Saki to accompany our dinner. Sparkling sake is a light and refreshing drink, and is great with the delicate flavors of Sushi.


The final result

Now I know how to do it, I have no excuse not to throw my own Sushi dinner party.

Or, you know, just pop to K10….

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