Corfu- Easter Sunday

Sunday saw the start of the Easter celebrations, starting with Corfu’s traditional pot throwing. Everyone gathered in the main square, to watch the clay pots being hurdled from the windows. The atmosphere was brilliant, with the crowds excitement growing as the size of the pots did.

Brass bands again flooded the town, this time playing celebratory music. Due to the small winding roads there was a number of comical moments becoming trapped by the processions, like a brass band game of PacMan.


We decided to explore the ruins (or lack thereof) of the castle, as well as have a walk round the harbor front.




Sunset at the beach

Sunday evening marked my favorite part of Greek Easter- the candle procession. The rumor is that the holy flame is flown over from Israel, and distributed across the Greek churches. From this everyone lights a candle Sunday night for Jesus’ Resurrection.

It is one of the most beautiful sights you can imagine.


Sunday Candle Procession

Midnight was just the start of the evening, with a traditional Greek Easter meal of Lamb (and Lamb innard soup), marking the end of 40 days without meat for Lent. Red eggs (red is the colour of life) are knocked with friends, to see who’s egg cracks last- an Easter version of Christmas crackers. After a couple of post dinner cocktails we retired to bed- leaving the Greeks  up partying til the early hours.

Kαλό Πάσχα 

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