Moroccan Delights- Cooking classes & Yves Saint Laurent Gardens

Breakfast on the Riad rooftop

Given my my long established love of food, we decided to spend our second morning exploring the food markets with a local expert, before learning to cook a traditional Moroccan meal.

Fresh ingredients

As well as collecting fresh vegetables and spices, we collected some fresh local chicken (I will leave this part to your imagination….). After buying all we needed, we went back to our hosts family home to start cooking.



After throwing the ingredients together into the tagine pot, we cooked it over fire, giving the occasional stir before sitting down to enjoy our meal. Having previously hailed myself “not a fan” of tagine, I was quick to eat my words at the taste of the hot fresh, salty and yet subtly sweet flavours.

With a full stomach, we spent our afternoon exploring the Jardin Majorelle. The gardens, created by the painter Jacques Majorelle, were later discovered and bought by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

Yves Saint Laurent- Jardin Majorelle
Yves Saint Laurent- Jardin Majorelle
Yves Saint Laurent- Jardin Majorelle

The gardens provide an incredible burst of colour, balanced with various water features making the gardens feel peaceful. With the wonderful variety and natural shapes, it isn’t hard to see why they have been both such a source and target for creativity.

After the now customary wine on the rooftop, we headed out for a lively Saturday evening at Comptoir Darna. While the food was wonderful, it was the candle bearing ladies who stole the show…12647076_10153309060157409_5481671590745478164_n10480202_10153309447867409_4085257530410374925_n

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